All Southern friends "breed to improve the breed". All breeding stock have had healthy lines as have their ancestors. We give the recommended shots and provide healthy diets and take really good care of our Dalmatians. Our puppies have had hearing and temperament testing. We rarely have deaf puppies. If so, DCA guidelines are followed. Normally our parents are AKC champions. We spare no expense in breeding to the best dogs. We do not breed to dogs for their rankings. We breed for healthy puppies with wonderful temperaments. All Dalmatians should be first good pets at home and in the community regardless of whether they are shown or not.

Our puppies are evaluated weekly and nails are trimmed with a mini health check. Shots given in a timely manner, wormed and bathing as needed. We love our puppies! At eight weeks they are a bit wild but generally come when called, crate trained and often lead broken. They have been handled and loved.

When we sell our puppies we provide photos and pedigrees of the parents, AKC registration form, information on care, shot record and some puppy food.

We try very hard to match the people to the right puppy. We are there for you after the sale. We want to hear about any small problems and help you to correct them before they become big ones. If for any reason you feel you can't keep a dog we want to know. We will try to help you so you can keep it, or help you place it, or take it back.

Dalmatians are not for everyone! They do best with a fenced in yard, obedience training and quality house time. They also, being strong headed need discipline, good nutrition, weekly coat, ear & nail look over. They need heart worm preventative, flea & Tick control and annual shots.

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